Products Overview

High Temperature Technologies Corp. offers advanced technology for treatment of waste and disposal.

The main element of these technologies are Plasma Arc Torches.

HTT Corp. currently offers products for the following types of waste:

For detailed information on the above products visit their respective pages.

Decision Process:

Each project that we develop is custom made. When we design the plasma equipment for treatment of your waste, we need to take into account the following information:

  • What kind of waste do you have? (Municipal, biomass, medical, chemical; solid, liquid, etc.)
  • How much waste do you have? (Ton per year, ton per day, ton per hour)
  • What is their proximate analysis and ultimate analysis?
  • What do you wish have in the end?
    - Do you wish to dispose of waste?
    - Do you wish to convert your waste to the value-added from by-products (inert slag and syngas)?
    - Do you wish to get a energy?
Process Diagram:

How does work?

Plasma pyrolysis is used to safely process of various waste types, either in a furnace or in a reactor. The main element of plasma technology is a plasma arc torch. To create plasma jet with a temperature up to 3500 degrees Celsius is used a gas or a steam and powerful electrodes that allow fully to decompose and to disintegrate of organic components. After this processes all presented toxic and hazardous components (dioxin, furans) completely is removed from the resulting product. As a result of waste treatment are a pure synthesis gas and an inert slag at the output of the furnace.

Synthesis gas from the furnace is transferred in the cleaning-cooling system where will be cleared of chlorine, sulphur and other harmful substances to prevent their emissions in the atmosphere. Circulating water in these systems removes harmful substances from the gas and is also cleared.

Pure syngas obtained after the cleaning-cooling system is used in the chemical industry and for obtaining electricity. This provides the optional equipment: gasholder and combined cycle generator. Electrical energy is transmitted to external consumers and partially used to supply plasma arc torches.

For normal operation of the plasma furnace is necessary the standard equipment for providing electricity, water and compressed air.

  • HTT's technology can be used to convert Waste to Energy
  • HTT's technology can be used to obtain by-products during waste-treatment which can be used in a variety of processes and applications
  • HTT's technology can be used to increase combustion efficiency of coal fuel
  • HTT's technology can be used to improve environmental performance of power plants and incinerators
Product configuration:

HTT Canada sells plasma arc torches, furnaces and reactors.


When you purchase plasma arc torches you can get and power supply block.

When you purchase reactors and furnaces you get plasma equipment at basic complete set:

  • Plasma furnace (reactor) with loading-unloading devices;
  • Plasma arc torches with power supply;
  • Control system of plasma furnace.

A fully operational waste-processing facility must additionally include standard equipment:

  • Cleaning-cooling devices for syngas;
  • Monitoring block of exhaust gases for emission control;
  • Receiving, preparing, storage system of waste;
  • Receiving and storage system of inert slag;
  • Air supply system (air compressor, etc.);
  • Water supply system (water pump, water reservoir with local water recycling device, dry air cooler etc.);
  • Electric power supply system of plasma arc torches and the plasma plant;
  • Control system of the plasma plant;
Plasma power plant structure

In the minimum configuration, we provide to the client only the basic complete set of the plasma installation that includes a plasma furnace with a loading block for waste, an unloading block inert slag, plasma arc torches with ignition blocks and a control system. We can also provide to the client a complete set of cleaning and cooling equipment (optional) and a control and monitoring equipment of emissions (optional).

But for operate of basic complete set of the plasma installation required Standard equipment for supply air, water and electricity, as well as for storage and preparation of waste and storage of inert slag and syngas. We develop a project for the all equipment except of equipment for the production of electricity. We give to the customer the requirements for Standard equipment and we recommend the type of standard equipment and manufacturers. This equipment must comply with the standards for such equipment in the customer’s country. As a rule the customer buys this equipment or the customer requests do it the local engineering company. We're doing the installing and commissioning all project equipment (plasma equipment and standard equipment).

This approach allows us to focus only on a plasma technology and to improve the quality of order execution, as well as accelerate the implementation of the project and minimize the cost of the project as a whole. But we can deliver Standard equipment additionally, on customer request.

For operate of Waste-to-Energy plant is required Optional equipment for the storage of synthetic gas and for electricity production. We do not deliver Optional equipment. We give the customer requirements for Optional equipment only. We can recommend you the manufacturer of such equipment.

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