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Plasma Furnace for treatment of power plant waste

Plasma arc disposal of Sludge and Fly Ash Waste

High Temperature Technologies Corp. is developing and integrating gas and steam plasma torches for their use in fuel-combustion installations, such as Power Plant and Incinerator. Their use intensifies the burning process and increases combustion efficiency of fuel. The most important thing is that, plasma torches significantly reduce the amount of harmful emission thrown into the atmosphere and transform toxic ashes into inert slag.

Figure 1. Process Diagram of power plant.
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28. The thermo chemical preparation chamber of fuel with plasma jet turbulence torch.
29. Melting plasma furnace for treatment of Fly Ash.

One of the innovative ways to improve the efficiency of the Power Plant and Incinerator is supply of the plasma system stimulation of the fuel combustion for the furnaces plant. This process is based on thermochemical preparation of fuel (TCHPF) in plasma jet turbulence torch; one of the possible versions is presented in figure below.

Thermo chemical preparation chamber of fuel with plasma jet turbulence torch

The main elements of plasma jet-turbulence torch are: plasma arc torch, plasma channel formed by the tuyere, as well as tubes for feeding the fuel-air mixture and for feeding the flow of secondary air.
A plasma torch is installed longitudinally the axis in tuyere designed, which is intended for supply of dispersed fuel in the form of fuel-air mixture and for supply of supplementary air into the plasma jet stream. In the tuyere is created a plasma flow, which contains a large number of active centers: volatile hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, carbon residue, water vapor, atomic oxygen, radicals, etc. The interacting with the flow of fuel-air mixture and additional air flow, the plasma torch ignites the air-mixture and causes its effective combustion not only within the tuyere, but also further throughout the furnace.
The electric power of plasma torches, which is necessary for efficient combustion of fuel and for regulating the furnace regime, lays in the range of 1-3% of the thermal power of the Power Plant or Incinerator.

Melting Plasma Furnace PP-150A for the disposal of Fly Ash and Sludge

Melting Plasma Furnace PP-150A is used for the treatment and disposal of Sludge and Ash Waste from power plant, waste incineration plants and industrial plants. It has a performance up to 150 kg/hour and a plasma torch power level from up to 300 kW. The Plasma Furnace PP-150A is shown in the following figure.

Toxic Fly ash

Vitrified inert slag

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