HTT Canada


Advantages of Ecologically pure Plasma Technologies

The principal advantages of plasma technologies are :
• Ecological cleanliness
• Absence of harmful emissions inclusive furans and dioxins.
• Possibility to receive combustible gases from organic waste which can be used in the various purposes.
• Possibility to receive thermal or electric energy.
• Possibility of reception valuable chemical products.
• Possibility to receive inert vitrified slag which can be used safely as building materials..

Advantages of High Temperature Technologies Corporation

Main advantages our Company :
• High-temperature technologies Corp. provide the best environmental and economic solutions of waste plasma processing, obtaining valuable by-products from them and the production of green energy.
• We always strive towards scientific excellence and we conduct the leading scientific and technical research in plasma technologies.
• We continuously upgrade our scientific and manufacturing capabilities.
• Our plasma technology is one of the most advanced technologies for waste treatment available on the market today and we are proud to be offering this technology to companies and governments worldwide to help them achieve environmental excellence on budget.

We offer environmentally-friendly plasma technology