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Our Partners

High Temperature Technologies Corp has established strong ties and productive business collaboration with various organizations worldwide in order to promote expansion of environmentally friendly plasma technology for waste treatment and disposal..

"A.V. Lykov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute" of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

State Scientific Institution "A.V. Lykov Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer" is the world leader in the science of heat and mass transfer. The main scientific activities of the Institute are the processes of heat and mass transfer in different substances, environs, flows and low-temperature plasma.

Sut Global Co., Ltd of Thailand

Sut Global Co., Ltd is plasma Gasification Company in Thailand. The company is the Partner and Autorized Diller of High Temperature Technologies Inc. for realization plasma projects in Thailand. Sut Global Co., Ltd has scientific ties with the Suranaree University of Technology - one of the nine National Research Universities of Thailand.

Tekna Plasma Systems Inc. of Canada

Tekna Plasma Systems Inc. is the world leader inductively coupled plasma (ICP) technology. Tekna specializes in the research, design and construction of integrated plasma systems for nanoparticle synthesis.

MILLENIUM TECHNOLOGIES, a.s. of Czech Republic

Millenium Technologies is carrying out plasma gasification projects using various types of waste to produce synthesis gas and subsequently generate heat and electricity or receiving liquid biofuels.

Int-Energia Kft of Hungary

Int-Energia Kft is an Engineering Company which specializes in development of Biomass Processing Complexes based on Plasma Gasification and Closed Cycle of CO2 Technology (PGMCC Technology) on a turnkey basis.

Oritest Saxonia GmbH

Oritest Saxonia GmbH Leipzig is as a Developer, Integrator and Manufacturer providing innovative and complete CBRN Solutions with a strong focus on supplying the whole range of CBRN Detection and Protection Equipment, including completely equipped Mobile Labs, CBRN Reconnaissance Systems as well as Toxic Waste Recycling Management Treatment.

We offer environmentally-friendly plasma technology