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    Plasma torches
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    Plasma furnaces and plasma facilities
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    Plasma services
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    Green plasma technologies
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HTT Canada
Organic-Polymer Waste
Municipal Solid Waste
Scrap Tire
Plastic Waste
... and more
HTT Canada
HTT Canada
Hazardous Waste
BioMedical Waste
Chemical Waste
Asbeston-containg Waste
Low-Lewel Radioactive Waste
... and more
HTT Canada
HTT Canada
Other Waste
Fly Ash / Sludge of Power Plant
Fly Ash / Sludge of waste incineration plants
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HTT Canada


High Temperature Technologies Corp. is one of the leaders in design, development and manufacturing of environmentally-friendly plasma-based waste treatment systems.

HTT offers environmentally-friendly plasma solutions for waste treatment and disposal. Its highly innovative technology is based on plasma arc torch and is suitable for the treatment of liquid, disperse and solid waste. Plasma technology produces virtually no emissions and is thus one of the safest and sustainable solutions available on the market today.

Our Features

High Temperature Technologies Corp. offers customizable and environmentally-friendly plasma technology for the treatment and disposal of various types of waste to industrial and municipal customers, private companies and research centers worldwide. Our customers operate in different sectors ranging in size, and we can meet the needs as of small research centers and medium-sized municipal and industrial customers alike.

Our Clients

Our customers rely on our experience and professionalism and appreciate dependability and integrity of our products. We have a proven track record of developing, delivering and managing effective plasma solutions to customers worldwide. We take pride in what we do, and we strive to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. That’s why they come back and recommend us to friends.

Our Values

Fostering of environment of trust and mutual respect
Conduct business with uncompromising integrity
Encouraging open communication and dialogue to achieve common goals
Promoting of environment, where achievement and knowledge are valued and rewarded

We welcome your feedback!

We understand that some of the information provided on this website is technical; should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us using Contact Us section. Our highly knowledgeable and trained staff will address your request quickly and efficiently.

We offer environmentally-friendly plasma technology