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Green Hydrogen - Plasma technology

Green Hydrogen – HTT plasma technology helps to solve two global crises: climate change and Environment pollution

We Offer Solutions Applicable to Carbon Neutrally Hydrogen Power including Zero Carbon Emission and High Purity Hydrogen Gas.


One of the main ideas in the modern race of environmentally friendly energy technologies is the desire to further decarbonize the atmospheric air (to reduce the share of "greenhouse" carbon dioxide emissions). For this purpose, the consumption of natural hydrocarbon raw materials is being reduced.
Hydrogen is an ideal source of energy and an environmentally friendly fuel, the only output combustion product of which is water. Its heat of combustion of 141 MJ / kg (maximal) is almost three times higher than that of oil or natural gas. At the same time, hydrogen is a valuable chemical raw material widely used in the chemical industry and metallurgy.
The plasma technologies, it is possible to efficiently process any hydrocarbon feedstock to obtain carbon-free hydrogen (the production of which is not associated with the emission of carbon oxides). The recycling rate can reach 98-99%.
Not only liquid and gaseous natural hydrocarbons, but also any solid organic polymer waste, as well as biomass can be used as a feedstock in plasma reactor.
The transformation reaction proceeds according to the following scheme:
CnHm => m/2H2 + nC
In this case, carbon is collected in the form of a solid dispersed phase and can be used as a raw material in the production of rubber, plastics, paints, filter elements, etc.

Experimental plasma reactor for producing hydrogen from gaseous and liquid hydrocarbon raw materials with a capacity of up to 100 Normal meter cubed per hour.

We offer environmentally-friendly plasma technology