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      Fly Ash and Sludge

High Temperature Technologies Corporation offers advanced solution of plasma technology for waste management

High Temperature Technologies Corp. has environmentally-friendly solutions for waste treatment and disposal.

Our highly innovative technology is based on plasma arc torch is suitable for the treatment of gaseous, liquid, disperse and solid waste. The technology allows the fully decompose the waste, without leaving harmful toxic residue and produce valuable by-products. It produces virtually no emissions and is thus it is one of the most safe and sustainable solutions for waste disposal, available on the market today.

Our vision is to create a world where waste is an asset and not a liability. Accordingly our technology is perfectly aligned with the currently evolving worldwide trend towards sustainable development diversion of waste from landfills in the direction of 4R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycling and Recover).  It aims to create for us the environment in which we will feel good and which will get our children.

We offer products includes plasma arc torches and plasma furnaces for the treatment of following waste types:   

- Municipal Solid Waste
- Biomass
- Scrap Tires and Plastic Waste
- Medical and Biological Waste
- Hazardous Waste
  - Chemical and Industrial Waste
  - Asbestos-containing Waste
  - Low-level Radioactive Waste
  - Fly Ash and Sludge of Power Plant

We develope the project of plasma installation, we provide manufacturing, installation, commissioning and training of staff.

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