Plasma Furnace PP-100 for treatment of Scrap Tires Waste

Plasma Furnace PP-100 is used for the treatment and disposal of whole scrap tires. It has a capacity to process 100kg of waste/hour. Power used by the system up to 150 кW. The furnace has the following configuration:

  • Plasma pyrolysis furnace PP-100T
  • Plasma arc torches PPT-100AC with power 100kW (3 units)
  • Waste-feeding system
  • System for slag removal
  • Vortical Filter-Scrubber
  • Control system for furnace

Furnace PP-100T is equipped with a system for purification of emissions and its hazardous components - Vortical Filter Scrubber. As a result, the amount of residual hazardous components fully conforms to the international norms, and hence the furnace is safe to use anywhere in the world.

               Plasma pyrolysis furnace PP-100T

Thermal energy and synthetic gas are produced as a result of this process and could be reused. Up to 800 kW/h Energy obtained from synthetic gas could be used in a variety of applications. 25% of this energy could be used to fuel the furnace itself.

Plasma furnace PP-100T could be easily dismantled, transported and could be assembled at a new location.


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