Plasma Furnace PP-500 for treatment of Municipal Solid Waste, Biomass, Scrap Tire, Plastic Waste and Biomedical Waste

Plasma furnace PP-500 is universal and used for the treatment and disposal of various waste. It has a capacity to process 500 kg of waste per hour. Plasma furnace equipped plasma arc torches PPT-250AC with a power of 250 kW each. Power used by the system 600-1000 kW. Plasma installation can be included two - four plasma furnaces PP-500 with total performance up to 25-50 tons of waste per day.

Furnace PP-500 is used to safely treatment of waste. The main element of plasma technology is a plasma arc torch. A plasma torch uses gas or steam and powerful electrodes to create plasma with a temperature up to 3000 degrees Celsius, which allows for full decomposition and disintegration of organic components. After this processes all presenting toxic and hazardous components completely removed from the resulting product.

Plasma Furnace PP-500 has the following configuration:

  • Plasma pyrolysis furnace PP-500
  • Plasma arc torches PPT-250AC (3 units)
  • Waste-feeding system
  • System for slag removal
  • Control system
  • Cleaning system of sigas (optional)
  • Monitoring system of exhaust gases (optional)

Furnace PP-500 can be equipped with a multi-step system for purification of emissions and its hazardous components: after burning chamber, quencher, cyclone, scrubber and filter. As a result, the amount of residual hazardous components fully conforms to the international norms, and hence the furnace is safe to use anywhere in the world.

Synthetic gas, thermal energy and by-products are produced as a result of this process and could be reused. Electrical energy obtained from synthetic gas could be used in a variety of applications.

Plasma furnace PP-500 could be easily dismantled, transported and could be assembled at a new location.

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