Plasma Reactor PR-50 for the treatment of Chemical Waste

Plasma Pyrolysis Reactor PR-50 is used as a basis for the system that treats gaseous, liquid and disperse medical, toxic and chemical waste. Power used by the system is up to 100кW.

By products (such as synthesis gas and powder) that are received as a result of the process can be used in other applications.

Electric energy generated through the process can be used for various purposes.  33 % of this energy is enough to fuel the reactor.

To ensure a safe operation of a reactor we build the strong, multilayered, tight case made of stainless steel and a water shirt to prevent any emissions from reaching the atmosphere.

The plasma pyrolysis reactor has three plasma torches which create a special vortex to ensure quality pyrolysis of waste. The basic scheme of the plasma pyrolysis reactor is shown in figure.

Plasma Reactor PR-100 for the treatment of Chemical Waste

Pyrolysis Reactor PR-100 of new generation uses modern plasma arc torches and makes it possible to build systems with higher productivity. Productivity of reactor is 100 kg/hour. Power used by the reactor is 150кW.

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