Plasma Furnace PP-200As for the treatment
Asbestos and Asbestos-containing Waste

Asbestos is known for its carcinogenic effect and poses a serious threat to the human body. However, its use for centuries led to a large quantity of this product contained mainly in a variety of building materials.

HTT Company is offered an environmentally safe recycling method of asbestos and asbestos-containing waste in a plasma reactor. When exposed to high temperatures in a plasma reactor is destroyed a fiber needle structure of asbestos. It turns into a solid, fully degassed, homogeneous slag, which is an inert glassy substance, consisting of a mixture of metal oxides.

HTT Company has received in the test plasma reactor with a capacity of 20 kg per hour vitrified slag from asbestos-containing waste. The power of plasma generator is 50 kW. The performance of industrial plasma reactors can range from tens to hundreds of kilograms per hour. As plasma generators we use our plasma arc torches with power from 40 to 500 kW.

Types of asbestos, which can successfully be processed in a plasma reactor: 3MgO • 2SiO2 • 2H2O; (Na2Fe32 + Fe23 +) Si8O22 (OH)2; Mg6 [Si4O10] (OH)8; Ca2Mg5Si8O22 (OH)2.

The main advantages of the plasma method:
- High specific performance by a small size equipment;
- The ability creating of necessary atmosphere of the gas inside a plasma reactor and a treatment of various types of asbestos-containing waste without pre-sorting;
- The significant reduction of volume of asbestos-containing waste and exhaust gas;
- The getting of final products in the form of fused slag compound, which has a high chemical resistance against environmental influences.

Test plasma reactor
Performance – 20 kg per hour
Power – 50 kW
                                                                       Vitrified inert slag


Plasma furnace PP-200As

Plasma Furnace is used for the treatment of asbestos and asbestos-containing waste . It has a power level up to 500 kW and a performance up to 200 kg/hour. The Plasma Furnaces PP-200As are shown in the following figures.

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